10 reasons potatoes are actually super healthy for you

Although potatoes seem to be a controversial vegetable, they are in fact a superfood that could benefit your health greatly.

“Po-ta-to, mash em’, boil em, put em’ in a stew.” Samwise Gamgee wasn’t lying when he said there are many ways to prepare and enjoy a potato. But their versatility does not end there.

From French fries to chips, people sometimes think that there is no such thing as healthy potatoes, but in reality, there are so many reasons why they are really good for you.

From their edible skin to their soft and tasty inside, every part of this food has something to offer and to keep you healthy and strong.

Here are 10 reasons why potatoes are actually super healthy for you.


  • They are a great source of vitamin C.


In fact, according to encyclopedia.com, one potato can provide almost 50 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. It’s important to note that much of that is contained in the skin.


  • They are completely fat-free.


The potato is like most vegetables in the fact that when eaten alone it is completely fat-free, and the body actually burns calories when it is eaten. It is only when additives like butter and salt are added that it becomes as unhealthy as we perceive it to be.


  • They are very low in calories.


Most diets nowadays call for foods that are low-calorie, and a potato can definitely be included among them. A large, plain potato is only about 100 calories.


  • They are known to help in healing.


In the Incan empire, potatoes were used not only as a source of food but as a way to heal certain ailments.  Nowadays they are a common food to eat for those with sensitive stomachs or if you have a stomach ache.


  • They are a wallet-friendly healthy food.


Sometimes it can seem like a healthy diet can cost an arm and a leg, especially when it comes to branching out and trying different types of healthy fruits and veggies that might not be found at the common grocery store. But good, old, healthy potatoes are very affordable. In most places, a whole bag is only a couple dollars.


  • They can actually help prevent cancer.


Potatoes contain anthoxanthins, which are pigments that produce the white color and act as antioxidants, believed to have some cancer-preventing activity, according to encyclopedia.com. When un-fried, they are among the veggies that contain the highest levels of this antioxidant. Among bell peppers, carrots, and onions, potatoes have the greatest overall antioxidant levels, and only broccoli is higher.


  • They are gluten free.


Attention to all who are gluten-intolerant; they are gluten-free! A nice, healthy potato will always be a great food to try out if you are ever in a bind and need to eat something you know will be OK.


  • They keep you fuller, longer.


One of the reasons they are so healthy is that they can keep you from filling up on not-so-good for you foods because they can keep you fuller for longer, according to Journal of the American College of Nutrition.


  • They are good for the gut.


Potatoes not only taste good in your stomach, but they are healthy for it as well. According to the World Journal of Gastroenterology, the digested potato has butyrate which is a molecule that can help to keep your colon healthy by creating a good lining in the intestines as well as keeping toxins out of the bloodstream.  


  • They contain other super healthy minerals.


Healthy potatoes contain potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and iron, all minerals that are super important in order for the body to function properly.

So the next time someone tries to tell you that this type of food isn’t that great for you, just remember these ten reasons.

Then you can tell them healthy potatoes are the vegetable you never want to give up.

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