Does Teeth Whitening Have Side Effects?

If you desire to whiten your teeth, there are many safe options available. But just like any other chemical treatment, the perfect white smile that most people desire does not come easily without potential side effects. As much as people want whiter teeth, some have been influenced by what they have been watching on celebrity fads. Even though fans try to match the perfect smile they see in the movies, they should be aware of the facts that are available concerning the results of teeth whitening.

The most unfortunate thing is that normal teeth are not usually perfectly white as most of us are led to believe. As we grow older, and we continue engaging in habits such as smoking tobacco or drinking excessive amounts of coffee, it is easy for the teeth to eventually become discolored.

To add to teeth discoloration, a lack of proper oral hygiene can make your teeth to stain from the plaque buildup that leads to the formation of tartar. Once tartar is formed on the tooth’s surface, the brown sticky substance cannot be easily brushed off in the morning; you will have to go for a dental checkup.

Potential side effects and results of teeth whitening

Most of the people who have used teeth whitening products have not encountered any side effects. However, some number of individuals encounter some side effects as described below:

Irritation of the soft tissue

Soft tissue irritation is also be known as a chemical burn. The chemical burn can happen if the whitening product gets to interact with the gum tissue in the process of teeth whitening. Once your gums come into contact with the whitening product, the gums will immediately become white. But not to worry, the gums will get back to the normal color in a short while. It can be scary when you look at the white gums when you are undergoing the tooth whitening procedure. The dangerous part only comes when you expose your gums to a high concentration of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide because it may result in tissue inflammation and redness of the gums. In extreme cases, the soft gums will start to bleed and become painful.

Undesirable results

It is not practical to always achieve the desirable results after the teeth whitening process. If you previously had internal tooth discoloration, you may still see the same discolored parts after the procedure. Now, if you go ahead and start whitening your teeth continuously, you may begin to notice your teeth becoming translucent or gray. The creamy white color you expected becomes a dream that you were having and it may even stress you out. If you have fillings, veneers, crowns, and caps, it is hard to use whitening products.

Over the counter teeth whitening products

Even though most of us have good white teeth, the desire to extend the whiteness to the perfect white shade can tempt you to go to a drug store and purchase teeth whitening products. However, you should be careful when purchasing these products. If you decide to go for the cheap whitening products, it might cost you more, and even leave you with dental issues you never had, like sensitivity issues and brittleness.

It is not possible to have white teeth for all whitening products because some products are substandard and they may cause dental issues instead of sorting out the dental problems you were trying to solve. In other cases, some products may backfire and cause dental problems if you use them more often than the recommended usage as indicated by the manufacturer. In case you are doubtful of a product, contact your dentist for advice.

Carbamide peroxide should be examined. It is the active ingredient in most of the highly sought after teeth whitening solutions. When you dissolve this product in water, it breaks down into a bleaching agent which is known as hydrogen peroxide.

When you consistently use the bleach, it can easily strip away the enamel coat on your teeth. This will expose your teeth to more side effects. These consist of painful teeth sensations, and blotchy appearance because the dark dentin is exposed.

Additionally, enamel that is stripped away makes the teeth brittle, which makes them become more prone to chipping and cracking. In extreme cases, the teeth can become malleable. Your teeth will be more receptive to the sensitivity of cold and hot food items and beverages because it does not have the enamel coating. It will be tough to eat ice cone cream or even go for a hot chocolate.

Professional teeth whitening

Consulting your doctor before a teeth whitening procedure is really important. Teeth whitening will become a challenge when you have braces or veneers. This is because it will be easy to notice the discoloration between areas where braces cover the tooth.

Professional guidance from your dentist will help you to make the best decision for your oral appearance. If you need teeth whitening, have your dentist walk you through some of the best solutions for your situation. This can save you from damaging your teeth and having inconsistent results.

Do you have to whiten your teeth?

Having white teeth is not all there is about having good oral health. Brushing two times a day, flossing, rinsing your mouth using mouthwash, and frequent checkups. These traits will help you to maintain an excellent oral routine that results in the perfect smile. If you plan to whiten your teeth, consult your dentist for the best, honest and informed advice that will help you. For more information regarding teeth whitening procedures, visit Dr. Marc Lazare’s website.

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