New Year’s Resolutions For Your Teeth

The new year is a time to end bad habits, set new goals, start over, and hope that this is the year that we finally stick to it. In the spirit of making new goals, a Durango dentistry put together this wonderful little list of New Year’s resolutions for your dental health.

  1. Schedule Your Dentist Appointments

Has it been a while since your last cleaning? Do you have a tooth that’s been bothering you every now and then? Take this time to get on top of your dental health and schedule your dentist appointments. It is recommended that you have a professional cleaning for your teeth every 6 months. At these cleanings, your dentist will let you know if there is any other dental work that you might need. And then you won’t have that constant nagging in the back of your mind telling you to get to the dentist. Your teeth and your mental health will thank you.

  1. Floss More

Flossing is one of those things that a lot of people just don’t do. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), only four out of 10 Americans floss daily, and 20 percent never floss (and that only includes those who actually reported that they don’t floss).

If you are one of the many who needs to work on your flossing habits, take the new year as a time to start. If it helps, make a checklist to hang on your bathroom mirror or set a reminder on your phone. Decrease cavities and keep your gums healthy with good flossing.

  1. Brush Your Teeth

More people are better at daily brushing than daily flossing, but how many of you brush twice a day? If you know that you can be doing better about brushing your teeth, then add it to your list of resolutions for the new year. You can add this to that checklist on your bathroom mirror or set a reminder. Do whatever you can to help make the habit stick. After a few weeks of daily brushing, you’ll establish a routine that you will learn to depend on.

  1. Healthy Eating Habits

Establishing healthy eating habits is a general item on most New Year’s resolution lists, but typically for another purpose. Eating healthy and cutting out sugars will help improve your dental health as well. And this gives you another incentive to eat healthier.

  1. Improve Your Smile

Have you always wanted to try teeth whitening? Or maybe you’ve had crooked teeth for years and are finally in a position to correct them with braces? The new year is a time for you to plan and decide what you will do over the next 365 days, and improving your teeth can be on the agenda. Talk with your dentist about recommendations for teeth whitening, or a referral to an orthodontist. Discover the options that you have before you to obtain the smile of your dreams.

Don’t keep putting these things off. Now is the time to say goodbye to the old and begin with the new, starting with your dental health.

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