Positive Thinking Can Help You Overcome Addiction

As a result of living in a society where drinking alcohol is acceptable and even encouraged, millions of adolescents and adults struggle with managing their alcohol consumption. Alcohol abuse, such as binge drinking, can result in many problems like driving under the influence of alcohol and can lead to addiction.


While some individuals are predisposed to becoming addicted to alcohol, anyone from any background can struggle with addiction. Overcoming alcohol addiction can be a difficult journey, but many have found sobriety thanks to positive thinking.

Overcoming Negativity During Recovery


From an in-patient treatment program for group meetings and counseling, there are many different treatment methods for overcoming alcohol addiction. There is no one specific method that’s better than another as success varies for each. During recovery, addicts learn a lot about themselves, uncover their past, emotions, and what triggers their drinking.


For many recovering addicts, negative experiences in life were the catalyst in their alcohol abuse, and it can take some time to come to terms with negativity and let it go. For some, it’s an easy process, for others it’s a lifelong struggle.

Tips for Keeping a Positive Mindset while Overcoming Addiction


First of all, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. There are millions of other people who have similar struggles. If your support system is full of individuals who abuse alcohol, it’s time find people who are sober or in recovery. A healthy support system is crucial to staying positive and healthy.


Here are some other tips for staying positive:


Stay Active: Consider getting a gym membership or start running with a friend. Set goals, hold yourself accountable, and focus on how good you feel after each workout.


Eat Well: If you drank alcohol with every meal, it might be challenging to rediscover mealtime without it but allow yourself to discover healthy eating. Take a cooking class, check out new restaurants, host a sober dinner party.


Play with Your Pet: Take your dog to the dog park or make a cat tree for your cat. Spending time with your pet can lower your stress levels and be therapeutic overall. On dark days, having a pet can keep you accountable and motivated. If you don’t have a pet, consider adopting or visit the animal shelter.


Travel: If you are able, plan a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Take a hike in the Redwood Forest or swim in the ocean. During your trip, journal, take pictures and meditate. Revisiting this trip, in your mind, can keep you positive when you have a challenging day.


Volunteer: Volunteerism is a great way to get connected to others in your community, give back, and have a sense of purpose. Whether you volunteer your time at the local food shelf or with Veterans, recognize that you are making a difference.


Treat Yourself: Treating yourself to some of life’s most simple things like a latte from your favorite coffee shop or a fresh new haircut, can bring a smile to your face and make you feel good to be alive and sober.


For most, recovery is a lifelong process, but being sober is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Positive thinking is just one of the many valuable tools you will need on your journey.

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