How to take better care of your spine in the New Year

If you ask most people what is at the top of their new year’s resolution most will probably say it has something to do with their health.

Most of us look at a new year as a new opportunity to become our best selves; and getting healthier or leading a healthier lifestyle is on the way to doing so.

Many of us when we think about their health don’t necessarily think about the health of our spine, when in fact it’s probably one of the most important places to start in regards to health.

When your spine is in disarray it affects so many different parts of your body, which is why taking care of it should be a priority for most of us this year.

Here is how to take better care of your spine in the New Year, as well as every year going forward.

Take a walk

Getting up and moving around is a great way to practice care for your spine and is easy to do for most people.

Most of us spend so much time sitting, whether it’s at the office sitting at your desk or at home sitting and watching TV, and all it takes is getting up for a few minutes a couple times a day to really help your spine get healthy and strong and stay that way.

If at all possible you can even walk to work or take a walk when you get home instead of sitting down.

If walking is painful, talk to a doctor like those at Walker Spine and Sports Specialists to find out what you can do and how you can walk for your spine.

Pay attention to how you sleep

How and how much you sleep can really help or hinder your spine’s overall health so it is a good idea to pay attention to the way you sleep and how much sleep you are getting.

Make sure you have a mattress with the proper support as well as a pillow that matches the position in which you sleep the most.

It’s also a good idea to try your best to sleep on your side rather than your stomach because sleeping on your stomach can put unnecessary pressure on your spine.

Watch the way you lift

From lifting weights to just picking up your kids, a good way to ensure proper care for your spine is to make sure you are lifting heavier objects correctly.

If you aren’t sure what the proper way to lift is you can ask your doctor to show you. But most say that a good rule of thumb is to lift objects by putting pressure on your knees and legs rather than trying to use your back and stomach and to also make sure to bend your knees and get down to the level of what you are trying to lift.

Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated is important for every part of your body including your spine.

Being dehydrated puts you more at risk for a ruptured or split disk which can be very painful. Also not having enough fluids in the spine can lead to other severe issues.

By drinking plenty of water you ensure that the spine has all the fluids it needs to protect the bones and nerves that lie there.

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