The Seriousness of Addictions

An addition, simply put, is an action that someone feels as though they are unable to live without. Commonly known as addicts, these types of individuals can become involved in many different activities that can place a strain on ones lifestyle, and those around them. For some, there are healthy addictions that can aid positive results for their lifestyle and well being. For others, dangerous addictions can arise that have much more serious impacts and effects on their progression throughout life.


What Constitutes An Addiction?


An addiction is anything that an individual feels inclined to engage with, that they feel as though they might not be able to part with. This can be an activity, or habit that draws in the attention and focus of the addict. Addictions can be considered a brain disease, because they actually change the structure of the brain and how it operates. A new way of thinking is developed where the individual simply cannot live without an action or item. Additions can lead to serious consequences for an individual, and can sometimes cost the individual large amounts of money and put a hinderance on their overall health and well being.


Drug Use


When we consider additions, often the first thing that comes to mind is the use of drugs to fuel an addition. Drug use is one of the most addictive actions that an addict can engage with because of the makeup of many drugs. They contain substances that make it much more difficult for users to avoid, which fuels their desire to engage with these types of substances. Similarly, cigarette smokers come to mind when we consider addictions because smokers are generally addicted to nicotine. The body desires nicotine to feel “normal” and continues to be a part of the addict’s lifestyle for many years. As a result, living without things like drugs and nicotine can prove to be extremely difficult for the user.


Drug use has many serious impacts on an individual. It can ruin personal relationships with close friends and families. Drugs can actually tear families apart- especially when other family members recognize the addict’s behaviors and seek to assist them in improving their health and well-being. An addict may not fully recognize the assistance family members are attempting to offer, and can become easily offended and angry when their addiction is taken away. As you can imagine, this type of addiction can also have much more serious impacts, and even death, if not treated properly and with care.


Alcohol Use


Many people around the globe enjoy alcoholic beverages on the weekends. It’s a great way to kick back and unwind from a stressful work-week. However, when the consumption of alcohol becomes so numerous, it can become addictive for an individual seeking to cope with lifestyle stresses. Being addicted, and over-consuming alcohol regularly can have serious health impacts on a person’s weight, physical fitness, skin, liver, and much more. Alcohol addiction is just as serious as a drug addiction, and should be treated with the same level of concern.


Alcohol addiction can have more serious impacts on one’s ability to think clearly and make wise decisions. Since addicts regularly frequent places that serve alcohol, drink driving is often a concern that many individuals consider when concerned about the well being of an alcohol addict. Furthermore, alcohol addicts may find it more difficult to find a stable job because of their desire to regularly consume alcohol. Seeking assistance from organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous is a great stepping stone for individuals who feel as though they cannot live without the consumption of alcohol.


Taking Steps To Assist Addicts


Do you know a family member or friend that might possess addictive behaviors? Take time to examine and reevaluate their normal day to day behaviors. Consult with their peers and close friends, and ask if they have noticed any abnormal behaviors. In the event that others have taken notice of abnormalities, consider sitting down and talking with the individual of concern. Discuss possible solutions that can be carried out to address their addictions and help them to get on the right track. It’s never too late to help someone who might be in need!

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