12 Bad Habits For Your Teeth

Many seemingly normal habits in your everyday life affect your teeth probably more than you’re aware. If you’re wanting to take a step towards better oral health here are a few bad habits you might want to kick to the curb.


  • Snacking


Snacking all day, or grazing as some people like to call it, isn’t the healthiest thing you can do for your teeth. You may think you’re doing a great job of spacing out the sugar in your day but in reality, you are making sure there is always some sugar in your mouth, putting you more at risk of cavities.  


  • Chewing Ice


Your teeth are hard, but so is ice. One of the two will have to give and usually the ice breaks but on occasion, your teeth may crack or chip from munching on chunks of ice.


  • Nail Biting


You might not have thought of nail-biting as being a risk for your teeth, but it can actually be harmful to your oral health. Nail biting puts you at risk of chipping your teeth and it can impact your jaw. Your jaw wasn’t meant to stay jutted out for long periods of time and making it do such an irregular action can cause jaw dysfunction.


  • Tongue Piercings


The reason a tongue piercing can be dangerous to your teeth is simple. If your teeth come in contact with a solid piece of metal they are likely to break or chip. Having a tongue piercing increases the chance of you biting down on metal.


  • Aggressive Brushing


You may think you are just being thorough when you’re brushing your teeth very hard, but honestly, you’re most likely doing more harm than good. Aggressively brushing your teeth can wear away at your poor gums and damage your teeth.


  • Cough Drops


Cough drops don’t come across as bad for your teeth, but they are loaded with sugar. To keep cough drops from wrecking your teeth make sure to brush soon after using a drop to soothe your throat.


  • Teeth Grinding


Whether you grind your teeth in your sleep or out of stress you need to try to get out of this habit fast. Teeth grinding wears down your teeth, leaving them smaller and more vulnerable. If you grind because of stress try chewing on some sugar-free gum instead. The best advice to keep from grinding in your sleep is to invest in a mouth guard.


  • Teeth Tools


Your teeth should never be used as tools. If you come across a bag that is especially difficult to open, do your teeth a favor and find a pair of scissors instead of ripping into the packaging with your teeth.


  • Sugary Drinks


Everyone knows that sugary drinks are bad for your teeth because they increase the chance of getting cavities. Sugary drinks include almost all sodas, juices, sports drinks, energy drinks, tea, coffee and almost anything that isn’t water. Sugary beverages are great, but try to have water be your main drink of choice.


  • Pencils and Pens


Chewing on anything that wasn’t intended to be eaten is a bad idea. Pencils and pens are a big culprit for nervous or stress munching for a lot of people. Try to replace your writing utensil with sugar-free gum when you have the need to munch.


  • Smoking


Smoking is bad for your teeth for a number of reasons. It stains your teeth a different color and can cause gum disease, which makes your teeth fall out because they no longer have strong gums holding them in place.


  • Binge Eating


Binge eating is bad for your teeth because often when someone binge eats they aren’t munching on fruits and veggies. They reach for all the sugary and unhealthy foods they can get their hands on.

If you found that you are guilty of a few of these bad habits then good luck! Breaking a bad habit is not an easy thing, but it is so very worth it. Your teeth will thank you for thinking of them and putting forth the effort.

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