4 Operations Performed by a Dentist

Going to the dentist is no one’s favorite thing. I remember one time having some pain in a tooth that was really bothersome, and even when the day of the appointment rolled around I still displayed the typical exasperated “Well I guess I’d better go to the dentist” attitude.

Understanding the basics of some common operations a dentist can perform might help relieve some anxiety over the matter. At the very least, you will hopefully understand why the procedure is going on.


A filling is used to help reshape and fill in your tooth. It happens when there is an infection or cavity in your teeth. The dentist goes and drills out the infected part and then puts in a filling to prevent further infection and to make sure your tooth is shaped and sized properly.

Fillings can be made from resin, ceramic, or even metals like gold. The resin filling matches your tooth color, so many people choose it for its incognito presence.

Root Canal

Root canals are spoken of only in fearful whispers. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but they are no fun. Root canals are used when the interior nerves and blood vessels of the tooth, also known as pulp, are infected. A root canal involves going in and removing the infected parts and cleaning the inside of the tooth.

A filling and most likely a crown, a cover for your tooth, are placed on the teeth to seal it up and prevent further infection or complication. Better to just brush those teeth really well and avoid this one. Sometimes a cracked tooth can also require a root canal, so try to avoid using your teeth as tools.

Tooth Extraction

Ever heard someone say something that was minorly inconvenient was
“like pulling teeth?” I bet it wasn’t. Getting a tooth pulled usually only happens if the issue present is extreme, but sometimes it is done for lesser purposes.

There are a lot of problems that getting a tooth extraction can solve. Some of them included crowding, when teeth are preventing permanent teeth from coming in, issues after fixing a cavity or infection, and periodontal disease.

Other Surgical Procedures

There are many minor and some major operations a dentist can perform. Most dentists can perform any of these basic operations. Some are simple like using a laser to cut back gums that have grown too high. Others are more serious like removing a tumor or cyst from the mouth or gums.

While this can be scary, know that your dentist has been thoroughly trained in performing these operations and will do a fine job.


Dental appointments and operations can be scary. Hopefully understanding the “why” behind these operations can help you see that the operation will help you in the long run.

In order to avoid things like this in the future, make sure you are brushing, flossing, and gargling with mouthwash twice a day. Visit your dentist every six months so they can help prevent problems, but also catch the issues early in the process if they do occur.

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