4 Tips for Healthy Fingers and Toes

Your hands and feet deserve a little attention. Let’s be honest, they take care of almost all of your basic needs without so much as a thank you. Here are 4 tips to help keep your fingers and toes healthy and happy.


Hands and feet get dirty throughout the day. Take the time to thoroughly wash your hands each day. When you shower or bath always give your feet a little attention. If you need to, sit on the side of the tub or put a chair in your showers so you can reach your feet and give them a good scrub, opening up the pores and getting rid of all that grime.

Occasionally take the time to clean out from under your finger and toenails. Dirt can get trapped in the tight space between your skin and nails and if left for too long can lead to infection. You can even take a soft old toothbrush and gently scrub away any dirt or dead skin that may still be on or around your nails. Also, regularly cleaning out from under your toenails will help to eliminate foot odor.


Did you now that you shouldn’t trim all of your nails the same? For fingernails, you can be a little more free thinking with the way and style you cut your nails, but toenails take a little bit of extra care to avoid ingrown toenails or infection.

When clipping your toenails always clip the nail straight across. You may be tempted to clip in a curve, but fight the urge. Also, don’t clip your toenails too short. Too short of nails can leave your poor toes open to infection and it can be seriously uncomfortable.

For both toenails and fingernails always make sure your nails are completely dry before clipping them. Wet nails are more delicate and could tear or bend while you’re cutting them, ruining the shape of the nail.


It is important to moisturize your hands and feet especially during the dryer months of the year. The best time to moisturize is right after washing your hands or feet, so typically after a bath or shower. This will help to lock in the moisture that is already in your skin and keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

It’s also good to take extra care in rubbing in moisturizer around your finger and toenails. These places tend to dry out especially fast and can cause painful hangnails if not taken care of.  


Your hands and feet work hard to serve you well each and every day. Do them a favor and take care of them. Easy ways to keep your hands save is to wear the proper protective gear when doing hard labor or yard work. A pair of gloves could save you from a nasty splinter or sharp edge.

Wear shoes that give you support and have enough room. Improper footwear can lead to flat feet, hammertoes, ankle injuries, and many more issues. Choose shoes that are comfortable from the get-go. Don’t bank on your shoes breaking in. Also, avoid shoes that are too tight. No amount of justifying small shoes will make your feet feel better after wearing them.

You don’t need to lavish your hands and feet with attention, just make sure to give them the simple care they deserve. As you take care of them they’ll be more equipped to keep taking care of you.

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