5 Common Ways to get Athletes Foot

Athlete’s foot is a common infection caused by a fungus called Trichophyton. About 70 percent of people, maybe even you, have been infected by it. Athlete’s foot may be common, but here are five things you can avoid in order to deter the spread of this fungus.

Barefoot in Public Areas

The first suggestion to deter athletes’ foot is to avoid walking barefoot in public areas. Walking on a floor that has been infected with the athlete’s foot fungus can infect you with athletes’ foot.  Athlete’s foot is a contagious fungus that affects your skin and any contact with the fungus, including from the floor, can result in an infection.

An area where people commonly contract athlete’s foot that might surprise you is in nail salons. Nail salons have pedicure baths that are perfect for growing athlete foot fungus and difficult for cleaning. Unfortunately, the same pedicure baths are used for multiple clients, resulting in an outbreak of the fungus. In order to avoid problems with infected surfaces in public areas, make sure that you use sandals or flip flops and try to avoid touching surfaces that will be used by multiple people. 

Sweaty Feet

Sweaty feet are another thing to avoid having if you don’t want athlete’s foot. If your foot has been exposed to the fungus, keeping your feet wet for a long period of time can encourage the bacteria to infect your feet. It’s important to note that some people can be exposed to the fungus and not contract it because the conditions are not right. 

Touching Infected Clothing

When trying to keep athlete’s foot at bay, be sure not to touch any infected clothing. Athlete’s foot is brought on by a fungus and can occur from direct and indirect contact. If an infected person uses a towel and another person uses the same towel, it will spread to the uninfected person. Athlete’s foot can be especially hard to avoid when sharing articles of clothing as some people do not exhibit signs.

Injury on Foot

Injuries on your foot can encourage athlete’s foot to grow by allowing the fungus to enter the broken skin. Your skin is a natural barrier that protects your body. If it is broken it is a lot easier for fungus, bacteria, or yeasts to enter your skin and cause conditions such as athletes’ foot. 

Humid, Wet and Dark

The athlete’s foot fungus will only infect your foot in certain conditions.  It needs a moist and warm area to thrive in. We suggest avoiding humid, wet, and dark areas to lessen the spread of athlete’s foot. Communal showers are one prime example of where athlete’s foot thrives as it is constantly wet, humid, and dark. People serving in the army will refer to athlete’s foot as jungle rot due to the tropical climate conditions.

Avoid exposing your feet in public areas. You should also avoid having sweaty feet for long periods of time. Be cautious of indirectly touching surfaces that are infected. We haven’t talked about treatment for athlete’s foot but if you’re looking for treatment direction, we would suggest checking out Eastern Idaho’s Foot Clinic site as they have a detailed guide on how you can treat athlete’s foot along with other common ailments.

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