The Power of Cosmetic Dentistry


I’ve always been keenly aware of my teeth. To me, my smile is what makes me feel beautiful, and smiles are what I notice in other people. I love my teeth and I take extra good care of them because I wasn’t always confident in my smile.

Hippo Teeth

When I was in third grade, I got my first set of braces. My teeth had been terrible. I look back at younger pictures of myself and all I can think of is, “hippo.” My two front teeth were so far apart from each other that I looked like a wild hippopotamus. There was a tooth that had never grown inbut there was space for one. It wasn’t just that this tooth never grew in, it simply didn’t exist. 

Cosmetic dentistry became a huge part of my life for the next eight years. After not wearing my retainer (sorry, mom) when I got my braces off the first time, I had to get a new set. Once there was a big enough space, they took a fake little tooth, glued a brace to it, and stuck it in the gap. It was like I was whole! Besides the braces, I loved my smile!

Middle School Nightmare

When I got my braces off, I had to get a plastic retainer with a little tooth glued into it. I could wear the retainer all the time… except when I ate. It was embarrassing to open my little, yellow retainer case in the school cafeteria, remove one of my teeth in front of all my friends, and eat. Middle school was already a terrible time, and once I subtracted one of my teeth from that equation, it became my living nightmare. 

I became extremely self-conscious of my smile. Even with my retainer in I felt ugly. You could see the glossy plastic and I dreaded taking it out to eat. I didn’t love my teeth, smile, or myself very much. On the bright side, I never lost my retainer and I wore it every day. 


Once I was in high school, I had to look for a more permanent option. Because I was missing a tooth, the bone in my jaw where the root of my tooth should have been was deteriorating. So, I got a metal post drilled into my jaw to stop that process. Once that healed, I had a beautiful, fake, porcelain tooth added to the post. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many reasons to consult a professional in cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentists work to design crowns and veneers that are perfectly matched to the size and shape of your other teeth and the color of your enamel. The tooth covers they create using porcelain match so perfectly to your other teeth that people don’t even notice they’re fake. 

It took a while to get used to my fake tooth. I try not to bite apples with that side of my mouth now, but it makes me feel beautiful. My smile helps me feel confident, and that wouldn’t have been possible without cosmetic dentistry. Now, I look back at photos of me with hippo teeth, braces, and glossy retainer mouth and smile knowing it was all worth it. If you find that you’re questioning whether or not to visit a dentist, here are helpful reasons to go.


4 Tips for Healthy Fingers and Toes

fingers picking up rocks at beach

Your hands and feet deserve a little attention. Let’s be honest, they take care of almost all of your basic needs without so much as a thank you. Here are 4 tips to help keep your fingers and toes healthy and happy.


Hands and feet get dirty throughout the day. Take the time to thoroughly wash your hands each day. When you shower or bath always give your feet a little attention. If you need to, sit on the side of the tub or put a chair in your showers so you can reach your feet and give them a good scrub, opening up the pores and getting rid of all that grime.

Occasionally take the time to clean out from under your finger and toenails. Dirt can get trapped in the tight space between your skin and nails and if left for too long can lead to infection. You can even take a soft old toothbrush and gently scrub away any dirt or dead skin that may still be on or around your nails. Also, regularly cleaning out from under your toenails will help to eliminate foot odor.


Did you now that you shouldn’t trim all of your nails the same? For fingernails, you can be a little more free thinking with the way and style you cut your nails, but toenails take a little bit of extra care to avoid ingrown toenails or infection.

When clipping your toenails always clip the nail straight across. You may be tempted to clip in a curve, but fight the urge. Also, don’t clip your toenails too short. Too short of nails can leave your poor toes open to infection and it can be seriously uncomfortable.

For both toenails and fingernails always make sure your nails are completely dry before clipping them. Wet nails are more delicate and could tear or bend while you’re cutting them, ruining the shape of the nail.


It is important to moisturize your hands and feet especially during the dryer months of the year. The best time to moisturize is right after washing your hands or feet, so typically after a bath or shower. This will help to lock in the moisture that is already in your skin and keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

It’s also good to take extra care in rubbing in moisturizer around your finger and toenails. These places tend to dry out especially fast and can cause painful hangnails if not taken care of.  


Your hands and feet work hard to serve you well each and every day. Do them a favor and take care of them. Easy ways to keep your hands save is to wear the proper protective gear when doing hard labor or yard work. A pair of gloves could save you from a nasty splinter or sharp edge.

Wear shoes that give you support and have enough room. Improper footwear can lead to flat feet, hammertoes, ankle injuries, and many more issues. Choose shoes that are comfortable from the get-go. Don’t bank on your shoes breaking in. Also, avoid shoes that are too tight. No amount of justifying small shoes will make your feet feel better after wearing them.

You don’t need to lavish your hands and feet with attention, just make sure to give them the simple care they deserve. As you take care of them they’ll be more equipped to keep taking care of you.

How You Can Improve Your Self-Esteem

helping to boost self-esteem

For many people, it is easy to get caught up in self-doubt. You might find yourself often feeling like you aren’t good enough or that you don’t have enough to offer.

We’re here to tell you that simply isn’t true. Every person is unique, has different talents, different beauties.

If you find that you are feeling down on yourself a lot, or lack self-esteem or self confidence, try some of these things to get you feeling good about yourself again.

Think About the Cause

 What is causing your self-doubt? Maybe you’ve experienced low self-esteem for as long as you can remember, or maybe it stemmed from a series of negative occurrences such as:

  • prolonged stress
  • being bullied at school or in the workplace
  • abuse
  • mental health problems
  • physical illness
  • relationship difficulties

All of these stress-causing situations can lead any person to experience self-doubt. But even in these situations, there are ways to find yourself again.

Avoid Negative Talk

It might be second nature to doubt yourself, your looks, or your abilities. But it’s time to recognize that and stop doing it. What is going to stop someone else from talking negatively about you if you do it to yourself?

If you wouldn’t say it to another person you love, definitely don’t say it to yourself.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

 Do you get caught up in feeling envious of those who just look so happy in their social media feeds?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret…that’s not real. That’s not to say that your social media friends aren’t having those real experiences and posting about them, but that’s not the complete story. Many of them probably face similar challenges to you, but choose to only share the good in their profiles.

Don’t compare some of your worst moments to others’ bests.

Focus on the Good

 This might seem cliché, but focusing on the good and keeping a positive outlook can totally help with your self-esteem.

Remaining positive can be extremely difficult, but it’s worth the effort.

Think about the things that you do like about yourself, or the things that others compliment you on. What talents do you have? What can you do well? And remember, talents don’t just have to be a tangible thing that you can make or do well like sewing or cooking. Talents can include being friendly, smiling at others, or the ability to carry on a conversation.

To help you focus on the positive each day, try keeping a gratitude journal. At the end of each day, try to come up with three things that you are grateful for that day before you go to bed. This positivity will start to seep its way into how you feel about yourself.

Change Your Looks

We don’t want this to sound like you need to change how you look. But sometimes we get down on ourselves about how we look, so if there is something that you want to change to feel better about yourself, there’s nothing wrong with that.

For example, many people don’t like there smiles. So they don’t smile in pictures, or hardly ever. And just the act of smiling can greatly improve the positivity you feel. Sometimes there are simple corrections you can make to your teeth to help you feel better about your smile. Just visit a professional like The Village Dental Center to ask about the options available to you.

Sometimes even simple changes in your hygiene regime can help with this too. Switch up your shampoo, take more showers, remember to floss, keep deodorant in your purse.

Just making some of these simple changes can affect your entire outlook on life and yourself.

Does Teeth Whitening Have Side Effects?

girl with teeth whitening

If you desire to whiten your teeth, there are many safe options available. But just like any other chemical treatment, the perfect white smile that most people desire does not come easily without potential side effects. As much as people want whiter teeth, some have been influenced by what they have been watching on celebrity fads. Even though fans try to match the perfect smile they see in the movies, they should be aware of the facts that are available concerning the results of teeth whitening.

The most unfortunate thing is that normal teeth are not usually perfectly white as most of us are led to believe. As we grow older, and we continue engaging in habits such as smoking tobacco or drinking excessive amounts of coffee, it is easy for the teeth to eventually become discolored.

To add to teeth discoloration, a lack of proper oral hygiene can make your teeth to stain from the plaque buildup that leads to the formation of tartar. Once tartar is formed on the tooth’s surface, the brown sticky substance cannot be easily brushed off in the morning; you will have to go for a dental checkup.

Potential side effects and results of teeth whitening

Most of the people who have used teeth whitening products have not encountered any side effects. However, some number of individuals encounter some side effects as described below:

Irritation of the soft tissue

Soft tissue irritation is also be known as a chemical burn. The chemical burn can happen if the whitening product gets to interact with the gum tissue in the process of teeth whitening. Once your gums come into contact with the whitening product, the gums will immediately become white. But not to worry, the gums will get back to the normal color in a short while. It can be scary when you look at the white gums when you are undergoing the tooth whitening procedure. The dangerous part only comes when you expose your gums to a high concentration of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide because it may result in tissue inflammation and redness of the gums. In extreme cases, the soft gums will start to bleed and become painful.

Undesirable results

It is not practical to always achieve the desirable results after the teeth whitening process. If you previously had internal tooth discoloration, you may still see the same discolored parts after the procedure. Now, if you go ahead and start whitening your teeth continuously, you may begin to notice your teeth becoming translucent or gray. The creamy white color you expected becomes a dream that you were having and it may even stress you out. If you have fillings, veneers, crowns, and caps, it is hard to use whitening products.

Over the counter teeth whitening products

Even though most of us have good white teeth, the desire to extend the whiteness to the perfect white shade can tempt you to go to a drug store and purchase teeth whitening products. However, you should be careful when purchasing these products. If you decide to go for the cheap whitening products, it might cost you more, and even leave you with dental issues you never had, like sensitivity issues and brittleness.

It is not possible to have white teeth for all whitening products because some products are substandard and they may cause dental issues instead of sorting out the dental problems you were trying to solve. In other cases, some products may backfire and cause dental problems if you use them more often than the recommended usage as indicated by the manufacturer. In case you are doubtful of a product, contact your dentist for advice.

Carbamide peroxide should be examined. It is the active ingredient in most of the highly sought after teeth whitening solutions. When you dissolve this product in water, it breaks down into a bleaching agent which is known as hydrogen peroxide.

When you consistently use the bleach, it can easily strip away the enamel coat on your teeth. This will expose your teeth to more side effects. These consist of painful teeth sensations, and blotchy appearance because the dark dentin is exposed.

Additionally, enamel that is stripped away makes the teeth brittle, which makes them become more prone to chipping and cracking. In extreme cases, the teeth can become malleable. Your teeth will be more receptive to the sensitivity of cold and hot food items and beverages because it does not have the enamel coating. It will be tough to eat ice cone cream or even go for a hot chocolate.

Professional teeth whitening

Consulting your doctor before a teeth whitening procedure is really important. Teeth whitening will become a challenge when you have braces or veneers. This is because it will be easy to notice the discoloration between areas where braces cover the tooth.

Professional guidance from your dentist will help you to make the best decision for your oral appearance. If you need teeth whitening, have your dentist walk you through some of the best solutions for your situation. This can save you from damaging your teeth and having inconsistent results.

Do you have to whiten your teeth?

Having white teeth is not all there is about having good oral health. Brushing two times a day, flossing, rinsing your mouth using mouthwash, and frequent checkups. These traits will help you to maintain an excellent oral routine that results in the perfect smile. If you plan to whiten your teeth, consult your dentist for the best, honest and informed advice that will help you. For more information regarding teeth whitening procedures, visit Dr. Marc Lazare’s website.

5 Reasons To Consider Professional Teeth Whitening


Have you ever looked in the mirror, smiled, and then thought to yourself, “Hmm, my teeth are looking a little yellow?”

This is probably followed by some whitening toothpaste, maybe some Crest whitening strips, maybe even going so far as spending some money on a pricey whitening kit.

And although this may yield some good results, it always feels like just a couple months later you are looking in the mirror thinking the same thing as before.

So, what’s the solution?

As is true for most cosmetic procedures, leaving it to the professionals is probably your best bet in having great, long-lasting results.

Here are five reasons you should consider professional teeth whitening, so next time all you will want to do when you look in the mirror is flash your beautiful smile.


A professional is doing it


One of the best reasons to consider cosmetic dentistry, specifically professional teeth whitening, is that you will have a professional who is trained in these procedures doing the work.

The dentist will not only be able to perform the procedure safely and effectively but with the latest techniques and ensuring your teeth are safe in the process.


Teeth are protected


One of the biggest complaints of at-home whitening kits is that after frequent use, most people experience overly sensitive teeth.

This is probably because these kits can accidentally strip the important enamel off of your teeth which protects them from reacting to hot or cold foods and drinks.

A cosmetic dentist will whiten teeth, but still protect them in the process, and they can prevent things like teeth sensitivity.


Faster and better results


As nice as it is to be able to whiten teeth at home, most of the time it can take days, even weeks, to see the whitening results you want to see.

Having your dentist perform the procedure ensures that you will get instant results, most of the time within the hour it takes to do the procedure.

After all, if someone has to choose between waiting and getting results right away, we all know we will choose instant results.


Long-lasting whiteness


One of the best reasons to go to your dentist instead of whitening your teeth at home is that your dentist can deliver results that will last so much longer.

According to The Oral Health Foundation, professional teeth whitening results can last up to three years, especially if you make sure to take care of your teeth.


Not all stains are equal


One of the biggest reasons to consider visiting your dentist rather than attempting to whiten your teeth at home is that your teeth may have stains that only a professional can remove.

Your dentist will be able to assess what type of whitening treatment you need, and the level of whiteness as well, according to the Oral Health Foundation.

You could say that your smile is the most important aspect of your face, especially considering people can see your smile from up to 300 feet away.

This is why cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening is probably the best solution for that mega-watt smile.

12 natural DHT Blocking Ingredients You Can Use at Home


If you’re losing your hair, I’m pretty sure you wish you knew what was causing it. And if you found out, would you do something about it?

A discovery was made several years back, indicating that there was a hormone responsible for male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness.

DHT is a hormone found in both men and women, and it’s said to cause a number of health problems—one of which is gradual baldness.

You already know the symptoms, don’t you?

         Dry scalp

         Hair falling out

         That inevitable bald spot that just keeps expanding

Yep, you can blame DHT for all of it.

But here’s the good news. You don’t have to put up with it anymore.

Nutritionists have once again come to the rescue and recommended a bunch of DHT blocking ingredients we can all add to our diets.

The following foods contain one or more of the following:




         Delta-7 stearine


So what foods should you and I be eating to inhibit this DHT hormone?


If there’s one food that contains tons of lycopene, it’s the humble tomatoes. If you can get hold organic tomatoes, you’ll enjoy the benefits of lycopene—and it’s more than just a decelerator for baldness.

Lycopene fights cancer ferociously. It also helps prevent mental illnesses by strengthening your cognitive abilities. And yes, lycopene also inhibits the DHT hormone, meaning you can actually stop baldness right in its tracks.

Tomato puree is also rich in lycopene because it’s a whole lot of tomatoes that have been concentrated into one little can. Use tomato puree for your pastas, stews and sauces.


Let’s stay with lycopene for a moment. Carrots are also rich in this antioxidant, and I’ve got a few great ways to help you implement more of them into your diet.

You already know that lycopene is good for you. You also know that it inhibits DHT. So let’s get to the good part.

A lot of people struggle with eating vegetables in general. Carrots are even harder to implement into a diet because they aren’t that pleasant (for some) to eat unless a lot has been done to them.

Here are some suggestions on how to ‘sneak’ carrots into your diet:

         Juice them. Carrot juice is one of the best ways to absorb every bit of lycopene those suckers have in them.

         Grate them up. Grated carrot has a sweeter flavor. Grated carrots can also be added to almost any savory dish like mince, stew, stir-fry or as a cooked or raw garnish.

         Oven-dry them. Oven-dried carrots are like chips—only healthier! Kids love them too because of their sweet flavor.

Spinach, Kale and Swiss Chard

Green vegetables are your best bet for inhibiting DHT. They contain a lot of zinc, which regulates your hormones and stops DHT from taking over. Zinc also repairs your cells after being damaged from eating junk food.

Swiss chard is excellent because it contains biotin and zinc. So you get a double whammy of DHT-blocking goodness.

Kale, chard and spinach are not everyone’s favorites. So it may be difficult to get them down. But there are awesome combinations you can put together to get these essential foods into your body.

Consider these:

         Mashed together with butter and cream

         Added to stews and soups as a thickener

         Fried with garlic and cheddar as a garnish

         Kale can also be dried up and eaten as chips


Legumes have so many benefits, I could write a book about them!

But the one benefit we’re interested in is a DHT blocker. Beans—especially red kidney beans—contain biotin. Biotin is essential for generating fatty acids in your body.

These fatty acids combat baldness by moisturizing your scalp. Additionally, the biotin inhibits the DHT hormone, keeping baldness at bay.

Raw Nuts

Different nuts hold different benefits—but must about all of them are great for blocking DHT.


Peanuts are another food that contains biotin. Eating peanuts will get those fatty acids to where they need to go.

Walnuts, Pecans and Almonds

L-Lysine is a DHT inhibitor that’s found mostly in nuts. Almost any nuts will do, but walnuts, pecans and almonds are richest.


Cashews are more rich in zinc than other nuts. And you know what a combative effect zinc has on baldness, don’t you?


Everyone loves watermelon. It’s a filling snack that’s packed with antioxidants…

…and lycopene! Yes, the same antioxidants you find in tomatoes and carrots is found in this sweet favorite.

So the next time your kids get stuck into a watermelon, join them!

Pumpkin Seeds

Dried pumpkin seeds are a distinctly dark green color. They’re packed with magnesium, essential oils and other vitamins and minerals.

But more importantly, they also contain Delta-7 stearine, a fierce DHT inhibitor.

But this inhibitor works a little different to the others we’ve mentioned. It goes straight to the hair follicle, and prevents the build up of DHT!

Pumpkin seeds are easily your most important natural prevention against hair loss.

White Mushrooms

Eating white-colored mushrooms is not only good for coping with stress. They also release high amounts of zinc when cooked.

White button mushrooms are probably the most common and affordable; but try your hand at a few others too. As long as they’re white and edible, they’ll block DHT significantly.


I must eat at least two bananas a week. Often a lot more.

It’s your quickest access to potassium and is one of the most nutritious fruits on the planet.

Bananas contain high amounts of biotin; your local friendly DHT fighter.

How to Boost Your Confidence During Chemotherapy


Are you feeling down and out about chemotherapy treatment side effects? Many people find it difficult to cope with the drastic physical change of this treatment since it results in hair loss and weight gain. The truth of the matter is that most people aren’t alone in struggling to feel their best with their body image.


Since chemotherapy can cause hair loss and trigger menopause, which often leads to weight gain, its normal to feel like you’ve been betrayed by your body. Fortunately, a growing number of cancer treatment centers offer body image counseling. Take into consideration a few tips that should lead you on the path of coping with your body, post-cancer.

Be Inspired by What You’ve Always Liked About Yourself


Many people can admit that there is one single thing they like about themselves. This would be a great opportunity to enhance that with your favorite attire and makeup. At this point, it would also be an appropriate time to consider your favorite wig or headpiece that makes your feel your best.


Boosting your confidence with some minor retail therapy can certainly make you feel your best. Make sure to bring your closest friends to get their opinions as well.


Physical Activity


Exercise has been a great way to feel good about yourself. As you’re embarking on a new journey with some side effects that can result in weight gain, it would be a time in which you can consider regular exercise. Exercising regularly can help you combat fatigue and weight gain. Exercise will also result in making you feel stronger and becoming another way to boost your self-confidence. Nothing can compare to the feeling of overcoming your struggles by doing something physical to fight back.


Another great form of exercise to increase your strength is yoga. In addition to feeling stronger and avoiding fatigue by working out is feeling the physical benefits of yoga. Those to practice yoga regularly have an increase in flexibility, tone and muscle strength, energy, metabolism, and overall performance.


Stay Honest


In seeking for support and advice, it can be difficult to tap into your raw feelings as you continuously take orders from the doctors as you’re being picked and probed, test after test. It would be wise to be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling. One way to cope with this would be journaling. There are many forms of journaling and due to technology, a great way to share your journey as an inspiration to others is by video blogging, or vlogging. This video journal shares your thoughts and feelings as you experience an array of emotions. This provides you with an opportunity to connect with others going through the same thing that you are. This opportunity allows others to find something to relate to, including yourself.


Another way to keep in touch with your emotions is to be honest with your partner. In a time where everything is new and scary, it’s best to keep the ones you love close. Tell your partner about your concern and let them know how you feel. This can be a sensitive time and keeping a healthy line of communication will allow you to feel that support that you need.


Although, these are all great ways to boost your level of self-confidence during a time of need, there are many other ways to help yourself. Be sure to continue to accept support, partake in activities for yourself, and whatever makes you feel better.

Weight Loss Surgery: Why It’s Not Right For Everyone


Weight loss surgery is often the last resort for those who find it difficult to lose weight by traditional means. It can improve a patient’s quality of life significantly while also changing their portion sizes and attitude to food for life. But even though weight loss surgery of all kinds has become increasingly popular, it isn’t the right option for everyone. If you’re considering the surgical route but aren’t completely convinced, it’s vital that you learn as much as you can about the process. Here are some things you might not know about weight loss surgery and some potential alternatives you may want to consider instead.


You may get excess skin


Many patients who undergo weight loss surgery find themselves left with excess skin as a result. This can be uncomfortable, while also preventing you from enjoying your thinner appearance to it’s fullest. Cosmetic surgery procedures such as body contouring are the most effective way of dealing with this issue. However, it can be painful and force you to take time off work, while also being expensive. Would you be able to afford and have the willpower to go through additional surgery? This is something you should always consider and discuss with potential surgeons before committing.



You will need to eat well and exercise afterward


While many people see weight loss surgery as an easy option, it is anything but that. You will most likely be put on a liquid diet, to begin with, as your body recovers from the procedure. Once, it’s healed sufficiently, your surgeon will encourage you to make big changes to your lifestyle. There will be certain food and drink you are no longer able to consume, which can change your eating habits significantly. You’ll also have to gradually start exercising daily to get the best results possible from your surgery. If you thought you could have the surgery and go back to your unhealthy habits, you might want to think again.


There are plenty of alternatives


There are many different alternatives you can try that can give you fantastic results without you having to go under the knife. There are thousands of varying diets out which can help you reach your goals and cater to your lifestyle. You can use Forskolin for weight loss or other forms of dieting supplements alongside a healthy eating and fitness regime. Personal trainers and dieticians can create bespoke plans to help you lose weight while also providing support. If you use food as a comfort, a counselor may be able to help you see food from a new perspective too. So even though you may feel that surgery is your only option, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Do more research into each of these alternative methods and be open minded to try new things.


Now you know more; you can make a more confident decision about what to do next. While surgery can be life changing, it’s not your only weight loss option. For more advice and guidance on losing weight without surgery, make an appointment with your doctor.

Embarrassing Bodies: Dealing With The Issues Nobody Wants To Talk About


When it comes to our health, there are certain issues that can make us feel embarrassed. If you’ve got an embarrassing body, don’t suffer in silence. The sooner you get help, the better. It can be daunting going to a doctor with a problem you’d rather ignore. But always remember that they’re there to help. The chances are that they’ve seen much worse cases in their time. Here are some common problems nobody wants to talk about.


Sexually transmitted infections


Anything that involves issues down there makes most of us feel anxious. It’s embarrassing enough to have unpleasant symptoms. But they you’ve got to deal with all the questions about sexual partners and using contraception. The trouble is that if you’ve got an STI, there’s a risk of passing it on. There is also a chance that it could cause complications. Although you may feel uncomfortable going to a doctor or visiting a sexual health clinic, it’s the right thing to do. If you think you may have an STI, it’s best to get it treated as soon as possible. In most cases, a course of antibiotics will cure you in no time. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed about answering questions. The professionals you see do this all day, every day. They’re not there to judge you in any way, and you’ll only be there a few minutes.



It’s a normal human bodily function to let out gas from time to time. However, excessive flatulence can make life incredibly difficult. If you’re not sure what your body is going to do next, this can jeopardize your plans. You might not want to go out in public or have friends over. If you’re at the stage when flatulence is affecting your day to day life, seek advice. There may an underlying cause, which can be addressed. You may have a food allergy or intolerance, or your symptoms may be a sign of digestive disorders. When you see your doctor, they will ask you questions about the symptoms you experience, and they will probably examine you. They may run some tests or refer you to a specialist. The results of your tests will help them to decide the best course of action in terms of treatment options.



Unwanted body hair


Are you self-conscious about your appearance because you have facial hair? Do you dread the summer months because you don’t want to expose your hairy arms or legs? If so, there are treatments out there that can help. We all have hair covering our faces and bodies. But if you have excessive hair, this can affect your confidence. There are lots of different hair removal techniques. If you’ve tried waxing, shaving, and epilating, it may be time to consider other options. You can buy prescription medications like vaniqa cream online. You could also think about undergoing laser hair removal. Laser therapy helps to destroy the hair follicles, and it is a more permanent solution. You’ll need a series of sessions, but the results should last a long time.




Acne is a very common problem. Most people experience bouts of mild acne, but for some, it can be a long-term problem. In the most severe cases, acne can be very aggressive. Acne is characterized by the development of red spots, whiteheads and blackheads. In the worst cases, the spots are very sore, and they are filled with pus. Even mild acne can affect your self-esteem, especially if you have spots on your face. You may feel like you want to hide away from the world so that nobody can see you. If you have acne, there are solutions. Topical creams and lotions can help. In serious cases, medication can also be prescribed. If you’re worried about your skin, see your family doctor or visit a dermatologist.




Bedwetting is something you normally associate with children, but it can also affect teenagers and adults. Wetting the bed can affect the way you live your life. You may not want to go away or stay over at friends’ houses. You might not want to invite people to your home. Sometimes, bed wetting can result from excessive alcohol consumption. If this is a one-off when you’ve had too much to drink, there’s probably nothing to worry about. If it’s a frequent occurrence, it may be a sign of underlying health problems. Diabetes, urinary infections and obesity can all increase the chances of incontinence.

Sometimes, we suffer from health problems that we find embarrassing. It can be tough to bite the bullet and seek advice, but it’s always best to get help. If you’re anxious, remember that doctors see problems like yours all the time. You could also take a friend or relative with you for moral support. Just think how much better you’ll feel when it’s all sorted, and you can get back to living your life.

Things We Hate About Our Image And What To Do About Them


Being happy with your image is something that can be elusive for a lot of people. Various surveys have been taken with varying results, but as many as half of all people asked will admit to not being happy with how they look. And this is just at the time of the survey. Ask them on a bad day and the numbers will be higher.

There are various problems tied up in self-image. First of all, there is the fact that many of us have a distorted image of our own appearance. A major trigger for anorexia, for example, is people looking in the mirror and thinking some part of them is fat. Quite often, every test you could run will show that they aren’t, but the mind is a powerful thing – for good and for bad.

There are many aspects, for all of us, that we can feel dissatisfied with. And in some cases, no matter how much friends and loved ones reassure us, that’s an impression that will stick.


“I Hate My Nose”


Ask a hundred people who admit to thinking they are ugly which facial feature they have an issue with. Probably more than fifty of those will say it’s their nose. Usually they’ll say it’s too big, but it could also be that it’s bent, or too wide.

There are approaches with makeup that can make a difference, and it is worth experimenting with those. If you are determined that surgery is the way forward, make an appointment for a consultation. Talk it over with close friends before making any decision.


“I’m Fat”


The most stubborn impression to conquer is one of dissatisfaction with your weight. In some cases, we can stand to lose a few pounds, and this can and should be done by healthy eating and exercise. It may well be the case, however, that the weight we are at is healthy.

Eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia are tied to depression. Self-image takes a beating in these conditions, which can ruin a life. If you wish to lose weight or just get slimmer, speak to a doctor first. They will tell you what your ideal weight should be, and how to get there.


“I Hate My Breasts”


There may be any number of reasons why a woman is unhappy with her breasts. Projected images, often airbrushed, of the way they should look are never far from our gaze. Alternatively, after major weight loss or a pregnancy, they can begin to sag.

If you wish to gain some size or regain some perkiness, then it is worth speaking to a breast augmentation specialist. Although some view a breast augmentation as an exercise in vanity, it may be that it is the best way to regain some lost confidence. Before having any operation done, a consultation is necessary. It is important to go into any procedure with realistic expectations.


Sometimes, no matter what people tell you, you will not feel comfortable in your own skin. It is hard for the person inside the skin to judge sometimes, and this is why you should always talk to someone. Maybe taking action is what you need. But it may also be that your problem is more one of self-image. If this is the case, no surgery will ever have totally satisfactory results.