Shining a Spotlight on Laser Dentistry

When I was a kid I hated going to the dentist, so in at least one aspect I was a normal kid. Even as adults many of us dread and put off the trip to the dentist. It’s just not a fun experience. 

If you had told me as a kid that I could have the dentist use a laser instead of a drill, that might have made it worse. That is simply because I couldn’t have possibly understood the beneficial use of lasers in dentistry. 

Fast forward to my teenage years when an operation required a laser to be used. I did not feel a thing, and I am a big advocate of laser dentistry.

What is it?

Laser dentistry uses lasers in lieu of classic dental equipment, such as drills and scalpels. The lasers are highly focused beams used to perform most dental procedures. They can be used on softer tissue, like your gums and cheeks, and hard tissue, which would be your teeth.

Laser dentistry is a cleaner, more efficient way to perform these operations. Its effectiveness is second to none, and the benefits listed a little later will show just how enticing it is. 

What can be done with laser dentistry?

Many standard procedures can be performed with the use of lasers. The lasers are precise and when used correctly, bring incredibly efficient results. Here are a few examples of the many applications of laser dentistry. 

Frenectomy defines this as “a procedure releasing muscle attachment to the tongue or lip. This procedure helps babies who cannot breastfeed and children who are tongue-tied, and in many cases can help to reduce speech impediments.”

Bacteria Removal

Lasers can be used to kill bacteria leading to a cleaner mouth and reduced risk of infection. 

Removal of Sores or Tumors

Lasers can be used to cut out and remove canker sores or tumors in the mouth. 


Lasers can be used to treat gum disease, ease inflammation, and even trim down gums if they encroach too high on your teeth.

What are the benefits?

The biggest benefit to most people is minimal pain. Some people aren’t even given anesthesia because the lasers aren’t painful. We all love the sound of that.

Laser dentistry is incredibly efficient, with the laser doing the work. It is so precise, and in the hands of an experienced dentist, it is a wonderful tool.

The laser helps blood clots to form so there is less bleeding, and there is less damage done to the tissue being worked on and the surrounding tissue. You also heal a lot faster. 

It is cost-effective for your dentist, and when they save money they can pass that savings on to you. 


Laser dentistry is an amazing use of technology to advance the medical field. What used to be a hard and scary trip to the dentist, may still be a hard and scary trip to the dentist…but it will be less painful and less traumatic. This will lead to better views on dentists for children (yay!) and more efficient procedures are a benefit to us all. Ask your dentist about laser dentistry if you have an operation coming up, you will love the results.

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